Photos from Sri Lanka

22-23 April 2019: Visiting hospitals in Colombo to donate urgently needed sanitary products and rations.

24 April 2019: Lending a helping hand to the unsung heroes manning the security checkpoints in the searing sun and the dark of night to keep us safe.

25-26 April 2019: Our team of volunteers were busy collecting and packing all the donated goods to be sent to Batticaloa. Being on the east coast and far away from the main city of Colombo they need as much support as we can give them.

27-28 April 2019: Due to security concerns we have been asked to delay our trip to Batticaloa. But we can currently coordinating with officials to identify families affected.

29-30 April 2019: Our estimated departure date is now Wednesday 1st May. Security concerns remain elevated for travelling by road to Batticaloa.

1 May 2019: Our truck with rations and supplies have left for Batticaloa in the evening to reach there by the morning of the 2nd. We will keep you updated on our progress in Batticaloa where we are due to meet with Dr. K. Ganeshalingam (Director of Teaching Hospital Batticaloa).

2 May 2019: Our team visited Batticaloa today assisted by the Special Task Force of Sri Lanka Police. Some pictures of the wounded still receiving care at the Teachers Hospital Batticaloa.

11 May 2019: Our team had visited the Negombo are to meet with some of the families affected. We are getting to know them and finding the best way to help them with what they need. More to come on the families as we kick start our initiative in Negombo.

14 May 2019: Our team has been busy helping some of the victims that were relocated to Colombo hospitals for treatment. We have also been coordinating with affected families in Negombo.

16 May 2019: Little Ashayal (below) was one of the patients transferred from the Teachers Hospital Batticaloa to the Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children in Colombo. He has now undergone an initial skin graft surgery and is recovering from the procedure (behind the green netting). We are helping the Ashayal and his family with things such as transport, accommodation and medication.

If you would like to contribute to our ongoing efforts to help the victims, survivors and their families please head to the donation page by clicking on the button below.