Birth place: Earth

Race: Human

Politics: Freedom

Religion: Love


Our Vision

We have no face, we take no credit, we're simply a movement. We try our best to encourage you to join us and see some of the amazing stories behind the people that could use a hand.

Next time you head out the door, it's not hard to find someone that would appreciate your time. If you live abroad, perhaps make it a point to do something during your next visit to Sri Lanka. Even just a conversation means a lot more than you might think.

We are fortunate to have some businesses helping us with the donation of goods and services. We hugely appreciate their work and support but you won't find any names or logos here. We let the people in our stories be the face of our work. This is not about us, it's about the young mother working dawn till dusk to feed her child and the old man pushing his cart in the sun, wind and rain to make ends meet. It could easily have been you or I in their place so we see it is our duty to give a hand up. No-one ever became poor from giving. Let's us human beings be human a little more often.

Athathama -2017

Our manifesto

We have no race, we have no religion, we have no political views.

We want to create a movement that inspires everyday people to make a difference in their own way. We know that we might not be able to help every soul in need but we will sure try. We try to work with what we have to get what we need done. We feel we owe it to those doing it tough to make their lives just that little bit easier. 

We believe everyone should have access to clean water, food, shelter and an education. Our work focuses on making a lasting difference; it's a hand up, not a hand out. Most people we meet just want the chance to get themselves to a better place. We want to help them to help themselves.

We are all someone's son or daughter and some of us fathers and mothers too. We all came into this world equal and we will all leave the same, we just want to make that time in between a little bit easier for those living the struggle.

Smiling Sri Lankan Child